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  • Can corn benefit from social distancing?0

    Occasionally, corn planted after a cereal rye cover crop may have reduced yields. Proposed reasons for this yield decline include allelopathy, seedling disease, nitrogen immobilization and poor planter performance. In our lab, we are interested in understanding how seedling disease and allelopathy contribute to corn yield decline to develop best management practices for growing corn after

  • 2021 Iowa Moth Trapping Network Update: Week 10

    The 2021 moth trapping season is underway, and our volunteers placed traps the week of March 28. Black cutworm (BCW) monitoring is a long-standing project in Iowa, and true armyworm (TAW) was added in 2017. Both of these pests are migratory, making it difficult to predict where populations will establish year to year. Top left:

  • Last minute thoughts on N for 20210

    The following are a few thoughts on nitrogen (N) management for the 2021 growing season.  Many fertilizer decisions have already been made – however a quick review of N plans is in order. However, the recent increase in corn grain prices and in-season cost of nitrogen fertilizer may warrant of review of N rates. Farmers

  • 2021 Spring Weather Outlook for Iowa0

    The final April climatological outlooks issued by the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) show elevated chances of warmer than average temperatures. On the precipitation front, there is no clear signal for Iowa, as outlooks continues to show a moderate La Niña configuration with above average probabilities of dryness from the High Plains into the Desert Southwest.

  • Considerations for corn seeding rates0

    Choosing a corn seeding rate is as much art as it is science because soil conditions and seed quality can greatly affect the outcome. The goal is to choose a seeding rate that produces an economical optimal yield as opposed to the maximum yield. A seeding rate has to factor in seed quality, weather, and

  • A quick check on the effects of N costs on spring N rates0

    Does the recent increase in nitrogen (N) cost and the increase in corn grain price warrant a change in nitrogen rates in 2021?  The following discussion gives an overview of the current N cost and corn price situation New crop corn for delivery during the fall of 2021 was $4.05 per bushel locally on January


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