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  • 2021 Iowa Herbicide Guide now available0

    The 2021 Herbicide Guide for Iowa Corn and Soybean Production is now available as a free download at the ISUEO Extension Store. In addition to numerous tables providing information on the myriad of herbicides for use in corn and soybean, the guide contains articles on volunteer corn management, update on dicamba labels for use on

  • What’s New for Weed Control in Corn and Soybean in 20210

    The following is a brief summary of new products available for weed control in corn and soybean in 2021. None of these are new sites of action herbicides, but are new premixes or revised formulations of existing active ingredients. With growing concerns of weeds developing resistance to herbicides, especially waterhemp with confirmed 4-5 way resistance

  • Expert tips for preplant control of volunteer corn prior to corn0

    Due to extensive damage to corn fields last year from the derecho, volunteer corn is a looming threat for many fields this spring. Farmers intending to plant corn in these derecho-affected fields have limited options for managing volunteer corn, thus thoughtful planning is critical. I asked a collective of weed scientists their thoughts on best

  • A Study of Herbicide Drift in the North Central US: Drift Damage and Grower Responses0

    If you grow specialty crops in Iowa or another North Central state, please help us with a study to: assess frequency, severity, and other details of herbicide drift damage. measure related farmer concerns, actions, and experiences. collect data to inform policy, research, and educational priorities. The survey is at: Thank you for your help. 

  • Expectations for Volunteer Corn This Spring0

    Volunteer corn remains high on many minds this spring and one of the biggest questions is how much of those corn seed will germinate this spring. In an effort to learn more about the challenge we’re facing, Bob Hartzler collected soil and corn ears from the same fields he collected from last fall. To remind

  • Considerations for Spring Burndown Programs for Weed Control0

    As it has started to warm up, folks are ready to implement early-spring weed management programs, especially in fields with infestations of winter annuals like field pennycress and marestail (horseweed). Spring burndown (preplant) herbicide programs should target winter annual plants at the rosette stage, prior to stem elongation (bolting), for consistent control. Cold nights (


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