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  • Field Agronomist positions available1

      Recent ISU Field Agronomist retirement announcements include Brian Lang and Paul Kassel.  This has created two openings for ISU Extension and Outreach Field Agronomists.  There are two positions available – one in northwest Iowa and one in south-central Iowa. Inquiries on the ISU Field Agronomist position have asked the who, what and where regarding

  • 2021 Stored Grain Management0

    With spring temperatures arriving in Iowa, grain producers should pay extra attention to the condition of the grain in their bins. Cold winter temperatures keep mold and insect activity low in stored grain. Rising spring temperatures can trigger spoiling of grain that is wet or low quality. The allowable storage time that grain can be

  • A Study of Herbicide Drift in the North Central US: Drift Damage and Grower Responses0

    If you grow specialty crops in Iowa or another North Central state, please help us with a study to: assess frequency, severity, and other details of herbicide drift damage. measure related farmer concerns, actions, and experiences. collect data to inform policy, research, and educational priorities. The survey is at: Thank you for your help. 

  • Planter Setup: Touching on the Basics4

    With a long winter coming to an end, our focus now turns to planter setup. While we often focus on new equipment and updates to our planters, knowledge of the basic function of the planter and the role each part of the planter plays in seeding depth and spacing, as well as upkeep of these

  • Making your fertilizer dollars stretch as fertilizer prices have increased0

    Prices for soil fertility inputs have increased greatly in recent months. The bi-weekly “Iowa Production Cost Report” showed a 51% cost increase in anhydrous, a 31% increase for urea, 56% higher cost for MAP (11-52-0), and an increase of 38% for Potash (0-0-60), from the average prices reported last September 22 compared to the March

  • VIDEO: Setting Planter Downforce0

    Ryan Bergman Program Coordinator in Ag Technology Ryan Bergman is a Program Coordinator in Ag Technology at Iowa State University where he is part of a 20+ person research team focusing on precision agriculture, big data, telematics, data analytics, aerial imagery, and ag machinery automation. Ryan has received both his bachelor’s and mas…


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